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Moving to 6885 Shawnee Rd. not only benefits PJ NFB Auto, Inc., it gives you a great opportunity as well.  Here are a few reasons why you should use our consignment service when selling your own vehicle or trailer.

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Description of Item to be sold:


*We reserve the right to deny requests and end a consignment agreement for any reasonable purpose, including, but not limited to, harm of our reputation, lack of interest in the product, overpriced product, unsafe and abused product, or other reasons relating to our legal obligations. Customers are our first priority, including those who are interested in your product.

  • Our new location provides a professional, commercial environment
  • We're experienced and can provide you with the best advice while you sell
  • Our service department can make your vehicle or trailer more appealing to potential buyers
  • We will place your vehicle with our fleet and show it to those who are interested
  • Your vehicle or trailer will be posted on this website
  • We provide a large customer base through business location and advertising
  • We will attempt to sell your vehicle or trailer as quickly as our own, because -
  • We don't get paid unless your vehicle or trailer is sold!
PJ NFB Auto, Inc.

6885 Shawnee Road
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